The Carmen Varela, Abogados de Familia Study Centre is the result of our unwavering commitment to specialised training in national and international family law, which we offer to all legal professionals who wish to specialise in this area of law.

To this end, we organise training courses taught by the most prestigious specialists in family law, thus promoting the knowledge and dissemination of this legal discipline.

For us, mentoring is a form of personal and professional development through which our managing partner, Carmen Varela, passes on her experience and knowledge to other lawyers with fewer years of practice who wish to improve their skills and knowledge in this area.

The relationship of trust established between mentor and mentee allows them to resolve any doubts that may arise in the practice of their profession, as well as empowering them to grow professionally and find their autonomous leadership that will allow them to advance confidently towards their goal.

Our mentoring is carried out through monthly two-hour meetings, supervised by the mentor, in which each of the mentees presents the doubts they have on different topics in order to analyse, focus and resolve them.

In addition, as doubts may arise in between the monthly meetings that require an immediate response, there is a WhatsApp group where urgent questions that cannot wait for the monthly meeting can be raised.