Family crises

At Carmen Varela, Abogados de Familia, we are committed to providing preventive advice from the outset of a family crisis, allowing our clients to face it with greater guarantees and better protection of their interests and those of their children.


The team of Carmen Varela, Abogados de Familia is specialized in international family law, mixed marriages, relocations and any type of conflict of jurisdiction between the courts of different countries.

Child abduction

As specialists in international family law, on many occasions we must intervene in legally complex processes such as international child abduction, which require very rapid and specialized action.


Longevity in advanced societies does not exempt people from health problems, particularly mental or neurodegenerative problems, which affect their capacity. When a person’s capacity is impaired, it is necessary, if it has not been foreseen, to go to court to request the appropriate support measures and the appointment of a curator.


Our team specialises in testamentary and intestate succession, advising clients on the drafting of wills, and the succession planning of their family businesses through instruments such as the family protocol.


Our team is committed to mediation as an alternative to litigation for conflict resolution, a process of negotiation assisted by a mediator, which in many cases avoids the need for the parties to go to court and improves family communication.